Welcome to Rajasthan.
About Us

Oasis Desert Camps (ODC) provide fully Royal Swiss luxury & deluxe tents equipped tentage accommodation with toilet facilities, electricity, thus bringing home away from home experience to you. Be close to nature, enjoy the Rajasthani heritage in our elegantly built tents having camps, Verandah, toilets with all modern facilities.

Scorching days and freezing nights, if you want to experience something special the visit Sam sand dunes, Pushkar. At we have arranged some desert adventure activities for our guests. So slide on sand dunes, drive in a jeep which slide on desert, ride on a quad bike, Camel Car & Camel Sfari.

To your surprise our site is just 7 km from pushkar at opposite Savitri Mata Tample. Though at the neighbourhood of city of Pushkar, it is well within the Oasis Desert Camps experiences in the sand dunes playing hide and seek with you which will be Thrilling experience too.

Oasis Desert Camps provides Swiss Cottage tents in the royal luxurious stay with all type of facility including medical and accommodation facilities.


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